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Spring Dance 2018

Kronendal had a Spring Dance on Friday 31 August. It was open to the whole school and tons of high-spirited Grade 1’s to 7’s flocked into the beautifully decorated hall, for a night of dancing and fun. There were lots of exciting activities such as a photo booth, dance competition, chill lounge for the grade 6 and 7 learners and delicious treats to buy at the tuck shop. Well done to the KPSA for a successful evening.

Spring Dance 2018

Readathon and Hooked on Books 2018

Kronendal Primary school has spent the month of August celebrating books and reading, with a variety of fun activities designed to inspire a love of reading in children. Foundation Phase children decorated their classroom doors to represent the covers of children's books. Learners carried books on them for Drop All and Read Friday’s and raised funds through the school Readathon, where they're sponsored for each minute that they read. To conclude the month of reading festivities, learners spent a day dressed as their favourite book characters and were treated to a show by Hooked on Books, who showcased various extracts from new and exciting children's literature.


Box Car Races 2018

On Saturday 18th August, Kronendal Primary hosted the Box Car Races. It was an exciting day filled with fun activities and great memories. The children dressed up and competed in their classes. Cheered on by friends and family the children pushed each other around the track as many times as possible in the allotted time.

There were fabulous prizes up for grabs:

  1. The class that raised the most money: Grade 1B won a Pizza Party.
  2. For the junior championship winners (Foundation Phase): Grade 2W won a Class picnic at the river (extra break, box juice, chips, chocolate - and hot dogs prepared by KPSA parents).
  3. For the senior championship winner (Senior Phase): Grade 6P won an outing for the whole class to the Waterfront to ride on the Cape Wheel.
  4. For the class with the most spirit: Grade 5L won a boat charter on the Nauticat for the whole class.
  5. For the best dressed class: Graden 7C won a class movie night in the library with hot chocolate and they can bring a friend.
  6. For the first person drawn from a hat, who guessed who The Stig is: Kyle Stephens in grade 7 won 5 tickets to Be Up Indoor Trampoline and Climbing Park
Box Car Races