Learner Support

In 2010, Vula Indlela Construction kindly purchased a prefabricated office from the Greenpoint Stadium construction site. This office was delivered to site in February and converted to Kronendal’s Learner Support Centre, christened the VICTOR Centre (Vula Indlela Centre Towards Optimal Results).

Petra Schüler, a Remedial Specialist, was appointed to run and manage the Learner Support at Kronendal. She has established a comprehensive Learner Support program, staffed mainly with external professionals, who offer a wide spectrum of the support that our learners require. Extensive assistance is also provided by volunteers from the community, who are required for the various programmes.

Educational Outreach

The Victor Centre also runs an outreach programme where its services are being made available to the broader Hout Bay community.

Teacher training programmes are being extended to sister schools in Hout Bay and the Victor Centre’s specialists are also offering their services to these schools. These outreach programmes are funded independently by the neighbouring schools or through programme funders.

Support Offered

The Victor Centre currently offers the following support to our learners:

  • Remedial Lessons
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech / Language Therapy
  • Literacy Programs (Wordworks, KIKUS, & help2read)
  • The school employs a social worker to cater for any social related support that learners and their families may require.

Support Policy

It is Kronendal’s policy that learner support will be offered to all learners on an on-going basis, only restricted by the resources available. In an effort to keep the costs to a reasonable level, this support will not be on a 1-to-1 basis, but only in small groups. Should a learner require more intensive support, it is strongly recommended that the parents make use of our various experts on a private basis.

It must be noted that Kronendal is not a Special Needs school. Although we have a learner support program, we are not in a position to cater for learners who should ideally be attending a Special Needs School, where their more intense needs are catered for.

Contact Information

Learner Support Co-ordinator: Petra Schüler – petraschuler@absamail.co.za

Remedial Therapist: Jo Labourshere – jo@boht.org

Occupational Therapist: Gina Mc Connachie – georgina.mcconnachie@gmail.com

Speech / Language Therapist: Catherine Berry – catherineberryslt@gmail.com

Social worker / Family Therapist: Sylke Funk – info@capecoaching.co.za

Further information

For more information regarding some of the programmes offered at the school, the following web sites can be visited:

Wordworks Literacy Program http://www.wordworks.org.za/

Help2read http://help2read.org/