School fees 2020


After due consideration by the Governing Body, fees for the 2020 school year have

been set at R3 315.00 per pupil per month which amounts to R33 150.00 per annum,

payable in advance. This was approved at the AGM on Tuesday 5 th November 2019.

Reason for school fees

The government supplies the school with 1 principal, 9 teachers, 1 administrative staff

member and 1 maintenance staff member.

The Governing Body considers it necessary to employ additional teachers, as well as

additional administrative and maintenance staff.

Over and above staff costs, the school also has its running costs. The State contribution

to the school is less than 5% of our running costs.

Parent’s obligations

Parents are liable to pay the fees set at the AGM. Statements will show the amount

due for the whole year. Monthly statements will reflect your month’s fees being

deducted from the Annual amount as payments are made.

Payment options

Debit order Please download authorisation form here

Electronic transfer

Kronendal Primary School First National Bank:

Account No: 53452884035

Branch Code: 204009

Ref: Account No and Name

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