We gauge our success by the positive attitudes and actions of our learners who feel safe

and happy and take pride in themselves and their school. Read more

Welcome to Kronendal Primary School

At Kronendal Primary we provide a safe, nurturing environment in which each child can develop his or her potential. We offer an attractive combination of quality educators, excellent facilities and dedicated sports coaches. We encourage a culture of tolerance, respect and self-discipline through our Let Your Light Shine programme.

Every child should immerse themselves in the life of the school and take advantage of all the activities on offer. We encourage our learners to participate in at least one summer and one winter extra-mural ranging from tennis and rugby to chess and Living Maths.

Parents are encouraged to become part of their child’s education by being involved in school affairs through the Governing Body, KPSA, sports committee or volunteer programmes. Our website showcases the full and happy life of our school.

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